Salisbury steak easy and delicious ground beef recipes are a must have in your kitchen rsquo s cookbook ground beef almost always seems to be marked down or on sale at the local grocery and it can serve as the base to a number of delicious recipes from soups to stews to a classic cheeseburger there rsquo s always a use for this versatile food.

Salisbury steak with mushrooms watch how to make a classic salisbury steak dinner get the magazine get a full year for 5 cook 5 star weekday dinners every time footnotes partner tip reynolds aluminum foil can be used to keep food moist cook it evenly and make clean up easier.

Steak au poivre or pepper steak is a classic french style steak its coated in crushed peppercorns that when seared creates a beautiful and crisp crust.

Salisbury steak serves 4 ingredients 1 lb ground chuck 1 egg lightly beaten 2 tablespoons grated parmigiano reggiano 2 tablespoons breadcrumbs 1 teaspoon garlic hellip.

Salisbury steak is basically a technique to transform hamburger back into a steak so just to have fun i shaped the patties like small t bone steaks and after they were cooked i cut a hole to fit a small onion ring that i pressed into the meat and filled it with horseradish sauce to resemble a bone and marrow.